The construction of the first station of Line 3 of the Panama Metro begins.

Published in Alia, OTI Proyects

The Panama Metro reported that construction began on the first station on Line 3, in Ciudad del Futuro, in the Arraiján district.

According to the entity, this station will have two ascents, urban planning, modal interchange and parking lots, being one of the three base stations.

In addition, it was detailed that this terminal will be “semi-elevated”, maintaining special characteristics that will directly benefit more than 5,000 residents.

It was explained that the lobby will be at surface level, while the platform will be elevated and will be located at the entrance of the Ciudad de Futuro community, on a piece of land on the north side, in the direction of La Chorrera.

The Panama Metro highlighted that the construction phase began with the movement of earth, once the preliminary works of liberation of the area were completed, surveys to determine the capacity of the soil to support the loads of the piles, removal of the vegetation and the flora and fauna rescue.

90% of the workforce of this megaproject will be in charge of Panamanians, many of them with vast experience in the construction of Lines 1 and 2.

Line 3 has an extension of 24.5 kilometers, from Albrook Station to Ciudad del Futuro and, in its first stage, it will have 14 stations and provides an approximate demand of 160 thousand passengers.


Proyeccion Linea 3