The Group’s Industrial Division already has 12 years of experience in the country. A multidisciplinary team of highly trained professionals lead the division’s three development units: Concretes, Aggregates and Coating.

Concretos, is a leader in the pre-mixed production and distribution market; Aggregates specializes in supplying high quality processed and unprocessed stone material; Revestimientos is dedicated to the sale and distribution of finishing products designed for the professional construction market.

We also have the backing of CorporaciónBreogan Sur, a solid family-owned company with private capital, present in Panama, the United States and Venezuela, with more than 45 years of experience and participation in the ready-mix concrete, mining, construction, finishing and real estate promotion.


ALIA Quality

We distinguish ourselves by the value of our human team, professionals with long experience, always ready to provide the client with an optimal product and personalized attention, supported by state-of-the-art automated technology. In addition, we develop our operation in compliance with international standards.

Every day, more companies and clients choose our innovation, technology, quality and service. We achieve this level of confidence because “we do it the way it should be.”



Years of experience


Years in


Cubic meters of concrete


Cubic meters of aggregates

ALIA Service

Day by day we work to offer you:

  • The best quality
  • Punctuality in dispatches
  • Constant and open communication with our clients

Our approach to personalized, efficient and punctual service for projects of all sizes, the availability of facilities equipped with the latest generation technology, a modern fleet of mixers and a human team with long experience in the production of concrete, position us as the best alternative From the market.

Through our three divisions, Concretes, Aggregates and Coatings, we create innovative, efficient solutions tailored to our clients.



Our concrete unit is the spearhead of ALIA, a leading company in its field in the country. Based on our pillars of work, service and quality, we have a properly calibrated structure to guarantee an optimal product, adjusted to the needs of each client, and a first-class service..

Our plants, located in Las Mañanitas and La Chorrera, have a real production capacity of 80 m³ / hour and have state-of-the-art equipment to optimize concrete production. The loading process for all materials is automated and computerized. Modern laboratories carry out strict quality control of the products, and a modern fleet of mixer trucks allows our clients to receive their order on time.

We develop a range of products always adjusted to the specific needs of each client: common concretes, 1500-6000 PSI of normal and fine resistance with settlement according to needs; concrete for forms, commonly used in the development of social housing projects; special concretes, such as pavements, ARI concretes, fire retardant concrete; and concretes for post-tensioned structures.

The concrete division also has a quality management model that complies with ASTM standards. Hand in hand with the most advanced technology, we execute each step of the process, reducing human error and guaranteeing the precision and quality that our clients need



Alia Agregados specializes in supplying high quality processed and unprocessed stone material.

The main raw material to produce our aggregates is basalt stone, which guarantees the physical-chemical characteristics of the material used in standard and high-resistance concretes. Our rigorous quality control is present at every stage of the production process, from extraction to dispatch.




Alia Revestimientos is dedicated to the Sale and Distribution of finishing products specially designed for the Professional Construction Market.

We offer Acrylic Paints, Texture, Oil, Alkyd and Water-based Anticorrosive, Sealants and Primers, Acrylic Pastes for Interior and Exterior, Gypsum in addition to many more specialties, which allows us to offer our clients a Comprehensive Solution for the Finishes of their Projects.

We have direct Factory Technical Support, specially trained in the use of our products, which will be hand in hand with our clients not only to give them the necessary support, but also to advise them with solutions that guarantee the best results in their projectss.


  • Industrial and Corporate Park SUR
  • Bay sanitation
  • Mirador del BosqueUrbanization
  • Westin Hotel, Costa del Este
  • Pacora Water Treatment Plant
  • City Plaza,Vía Domingo Díaz
  • La ValdezaUrbanization
  • ArboledasUrbanization, La Chorrera
  • PH San Roque
  • PH Diamond Tower
  • PH Quartier
  • Las Anclas Mall, La Chorrera
  • Road infrastructure Costa Verde, La Chorrera

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