Panama Metro enables the Nuevo Tocumen interchange

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Metro de Panamá habilita intercambiador de Nuevo Tocumen
Metro de Panamá habilita intercambiador de Nuevo Tocumen


Metro de Panama, S.A. (MPSA), informs that as of Monday, May 30, the bus interchange under the Nuevo Tocumen Station of Line 2 will be enabled, in a first phase, benefiting about 10,000 users who travel during weekdays. at that station. The entry into operation of this interchange comes to underpin the strategy between the Panama Metro and Mi Bus, to provide a service in a coordinated and comprehensive manner.

The interchange has 16 docks, 4 of these begin their operation in this first stage, integrating the MiBus routes. Subsequently, other providers that provide the transportation service in Panama East will be incorporated, in order to guarantee integration with the Metro, allowing users to make their transfers in a safer and more direct way.

As of this date, Metro users will have a covered structure, with lighting and connection at the lobby level with the Nuevo Tocumen Station, by means of fixed, mechanical and elevator stairs, facilitating their movement.

It is important to highlight that this new interchange has access lanes so that buses can carry out the necessary maneuvers that allow passengers to board and disembark.

The interchange will be under the supervision of the Land Transit and Transportation Authority, so that the concessionaires comply with the established routes.

MPSA will be in charge of the administration, maintenance, cleaning and security of the new facilities to continue offering a quality service to users.

It is expected that, with the entry into operation of the interchange, an increase in demand for the Metro will be generated. In addition, the residents of the corregimientos of the eastern sector of the district of Panama, such as 24 de Diciembre, Pacora and the district of Chepo, will benefit.

It is important to highlight that the Nuevo Tocumen interchange was built as part of the Line 2 Project, in order to support the creation of the integrated public transportation system in the eastern sector of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Panama.


Fuente: Metro de Panamá