The Caribbean Series 2021 will be in Mazatlán

Published in Toros Herrera

This 2021 is based for the Caribbean Series, Mazatlán, land of the Venados, and has all the support of the Caribbean Professional Baseball Confederation (CBPC), said Juan Francisco Puello Herrera, head of the CBPC.

In an exclusive interview with STRIKEOUT, Mr. Puello affirmed that Venados de Mazatlán and the Mexican Pacific League (LMP) have all the support of the Confederation and that right now, there is no other venue for the Caribbean Series 2021 other than the Sinaloa port..

“We have already spoken (With Venados), I reiterate, the Caribbean Series 2021 is Mazatlán, let the following be clear, who has the power to organize the Caribbean Series is the CBPC, who has the rights is the CBPC, in this case An organizing committee is appointed which is the one in charge of organizing, but who owns the property is the CBPC, any improper ideas in this case are wrong, and any inconvenience in Mazatlán, the Confederation supports the LMP and to the Venados de Mazatlán team, ”said Puello Herrera.

He also mentioned that if legal problems persist, an alternate headquarters will be sought within Mexican territory, but that it is too premature to find another headquarters.

“And in case there is a legal problem, which we are going to give some time for this to be solved, we are going to celebrate the Caribbean Series in another city of Mexico, which does not have any type of inconvenience, since we will see that it does not have no legal problem”.

What is very clear from the head of the CBPC is that the Caribbean Series 2021 will be in Mexico and if there are no major problems, Mazatlán will be the home of the Caribbean party.