Astronauts move to Los Santos

Published in Toros Herrera

The Professional Baseball League of Panama (Probeis) adds a new province for next season.

After winning the last Probeis title, the Chiriquí Astronauts announced that they will move to the province of Los Santos.

“We have already notified this to the Probeis board of directors, which in turn did it to the Caribbean Confederation,” said Pedro Colmenares, president of the Astronauts franchise.

“We are very excited to bring our baseball to a province with a lot of tradition and a fanatic as demanding as the Santeña,” added the leader in statements reproduced in a statement published by Probeis.

The Astronauts, one of two teams that played in the last Probeis season for the province of Chiriquí, come from representing Panama in the last Caribbean Series, which was played in February in Puerto Rico.

The Professional Baseball League of Panama (Probeis) adds a new province for next season.

With this decision, the Chiriquí Federals remain the only team in Chiriqui and will continue to play at the Kenny Serracín stadium.

Probeis detailed in his statement that “little by little each franchise will have a stadium in different provinces of the country, as it should be.”

The ninth santeña is expected to play at home at the Roberto FlacoBlaca Hernández stadium, in Las Tablas.

The new Los Santos team reported that it will soon be presenting its new logo “with the colors corresponding to the province where black, orange and white” will be the dominant colors in the uniform.

As for next season, Probeis anticipated his desire to start the championship in December.

“Probeis is scheduled to start its 2020/2021 season in December following the protocols of the Ministry of Health, as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Let us remember that the winner of the next season of Probeis will earn the right to represent Panama again in the next Caribbean Series of 2021, which will be played in Mazatlán, Mexico